How to Use Casino Bonuses

The casino bonus is a great way to mitigate your losses or add to your wins when playing casino games online. You also get more money to play around with, which of course makes the games even more interesting, but in order to make the most out of your bonuses, you might need to be somewhat restrictive and apply some simple money management techniques.


Understanding the Wagering Requirements

If you've signed up for a site using an online Sign-up bonus, you may have noticed that you don't get to use the bonus money right away or alternatively, you don't get to cash out the bonus money immediately. This is natural, and nothing to worry about. Often you will find it listed under restrict funds or something of that nature.

Online Casino Terms and ConditionsThe reason is that sites offering large bonuses want to make sure you'll be using at least some of that money on the site. To do that, they have requirements that you must fulfill before placing the money into your account. The wagering requirements for releasing the money will vary, according to the online casino and type of games you are playing.

How much you need to play differs from site to site, and it can definitely be worth the effort to check out the casino's Terms & Conditions before you make your first deposit. When looking for the best casino bonus, it's important to consider how much you need to play compared to how much you get. Bonuses that appear massive at first glance may actually be less profitable than some smaller ones. Also, there is a kind of Referral bonuses, like in Bodog casino: you ask one of your friends to sign up at Bodog and you get 200% the value of your friend's first deposit up to C$100 (read the detailed explanation here).

Direct Betting Requirements

Playing BlackjackFor many online casino games, you will simply be required to wager a multiple of the size of the bonus. If you are receiving a C$150 bonus, with a 2x-wagering requirement, you will have to wager C$300 before it can be released. This does not mean that you have to lose C$300. That is simply how many bets you must make.

Example: if you are playing C$20 blackjack, you will have to play 15 hands to receive your bonus money. You may win all 15 and win C$300, or win 10 and lose five, winning C$100. You may lose all 15, losing you C$300. No matter how it comes out, at the end of those 15 hands, you will have an additional C$150 in your account. 

The example above is somewhat simplified, of course, and it's usually better to play with smaller amounts, as this minimizes the chances of going broke before you can cash out your bonus. If you want to improve your winning chances when playing roulette, for example, you could also take some time to read up on some solid online roulette tips.

Hand Requirements

Playing PokerIn games like poker, where the house only benefits from how many hands you play, you will probably be required to play a certain number of hands to release your bonus. One method is to require you play ten times the amount of the bonus in raked hands. If you have a C$150 bonus coming to you, you will have to play 1500 raked hands to get your bonus.

If you are a tournament player, you are not playing any hands. A site that awards bonus credit for tournament play will release your bonus money based on how many player points (points earned for continued play that players can exchange for site bonuses, such as poker gear or tournament entries) you earn, using whatever system the site uses to calculate player points.

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