Roulette Etiquette

In a place where excitement flows freely, it is hard to remain sober. The whole casino atmosphere seems to evoke freedom of expression, like a human rights congregation. The screams and shouts, laughter, alcohol, and bright lights, all add up to the merriment that is the casino. It is especially true around roulette tables. Even if this is so, there is no reason for you to leave good manners at the entrance.

When you play roulette and wager real money you need to be aware of the basic rules of the game to guide yourself accordingly. You ought to know that the dealer will give everyone enough time to place their bets while they continually spin the roulette wheel. Normally the croupier will give everyone a minute to place their bets. Once the bets are placed he then throws the white ball. After throwing the white ball, he will still give others who are either late or as yet undecided to place their bets. There is a point when the ball slows down; this is the time when the croupier will raise his arm and announce "no more bets", so take his word for it. Do not attempt to place your bet after that. You need to wait for the next spin. It may be grounds for you to be kicked out of the casino.

When the ball finally rests in one of the roulette pockets, the croupier will place a mark on the table to indicate which number won. No one is allowed to touch anything, marker, and chips, on the table while he collects the losing chips. He will then proceed to pay those who won. Anyone caught touching or taking his chips before that will likely be escorted out of the casino. Be patient, the next spin is just around the corner.

As in blackjack, roulette croupiers practically just moderate the game of roulette. It would be nice to tip them once in a while. It pays to be generous.

Lastly, be mindful of other players. You are not the only one playing roulette so mind your manners. Respect and courtesy must always be upheld whether people deserve it or not. Just take it as a golden rule. Do not hit other players' chips. Avoid shouting in people's ears. Don't get too drunk. In the end winning becomes secondary to acting like a human.

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