Blackjack for Real Money StrategyMany players, either online or offline, see blackjack as a game to be played for fun. If the cards run in your favor on the night, you might walk away with a profit. However, most players have for a long reconciled themselves to the fact that in the long term the money that they invest in playing real money blackjack has to be put down to entertainment.

This fact may be true in a land casino environment. However, in online casinos, the chances of winning and winning regularly at blackjack have increased considerably. And for any one of the following reasons:

  • Online blackjack player does not have to cope with other players on their table, who are playing for fun and have no real idea of how to play the game.
  • The odds in the online casino are considerably more in favor of the blackjack player.
  • A player has a chance to play for free, learn the game at his leisure and to develop and sharpen his own blackjack strategies.
  • While the average online casino offers odds that are 98% in favor of the player and only 2% in favor of the house, it is possible with practice and understanding to reduce these odds by half, to only 1% in favor of the house. 

At one time, land casinos used to get very hot under the collar about players illegally "counting the cards" and betting accordingly. But since the online casino hit the scene card counting has become a thing of the past. The reason for this is that online casinos play with only one pack and the cards are shuffled after every hand. This should work in favor of the online casino, and theoretically, it does. However, a player who has taken the time to study how the cards pan out over a series of hands can still have the edge. The secret of gaining that extra one percent advantage is by playing multi-hand blackjack. That means playing as many hands per deal as possible, with the maximum being seven. Assuming that after the cards have been dealt and the virtual dealer has cut the cards 1/3 way through the pack of 52 cards, it means that there are now around 34 cards in play. 

The minimum number of cards that will be showing from the deal will be fifteen, working out at seven times two for the player and one for the dealer. Assuming that there are hits, splits, and doubles, the player has a chance to develop some sense of the proportion of high cards and low cards that remain in the deck and can play the hands accordingly. While this piece of strategy can never be totally effective, it certainly can increase the odds in favor of the pay by that vital 1%. Btw, check out an amazing 888 casino's Ultimate Blackjack Strategy Guide.

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