live dealer blackjack strategyEvery master plan has to be built on solid foundations and this certainly applies to establishing a live blackjack strategy. These foundations will eventually further be built on to become a solid and permanent way for a player to sharpen his skills and turn into a player who wins at least as often as he loses, and who will extract the maximum of enjoyment from playing the game in the meantime.

These are the four live blackjack basic strategy rules that should always be adhered to, no matter the temptation. A player who plays for any length of time will soon find them embedded deep in his memory, if not their sub-conscious. 

The four basic rules are not supposed to represent the ultimate live blackjack strategy; there is much more to the game than that. What they will do is help a player to stay longer in the game and in the meantime acquire more knowledge and understanding of the game, so that he will benefit in the long run.

  • If the live dealer is holding a 7 or higher, it is best to draw cards until you are holding cards valued between 15 to 18. The only two cards that can bust you is a 5 or 6 followed by 9 or 10.
  • If the dealer's up card is 6 or lower, never draw a card or cards if you are holding 12 or over, even though it may be tempting. Any card over five will do the dealer more harm than it will do you good.
  • Always double down when your first two cards are either a 10 or 11, but only if the dealer is holding a 9 or lower.
  • The only pairs that should be split are aces and 8s. Do not split any other pairs.

It's as simple as that! These are the four simple rules that should make sure that you are whittling down the already narrow house edge to around 1.5% against. Feel free to use this blackjack House Edge calculator powered by the Wizard of Odds. 

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