live dealer casino


One of the biggest hurdles that online casino operators face is converting skeptics into players. Many people who are weary of online gambling often state that they would rather experience the exciting environment of land-based casinos while others believe that computer software cannot accurately imitate actual randomized card shuffling. Killing two birds with one stone is the live dealer, who promises online gamblers a fair and exciting experience.

For the past few years, live dealers have sufficiently met these two goals, making many skeptics into believers along the way. Now, there are some players who will only play online casino games that employ a live dealer, because it helps to recreate the land-based experience.

A huge success, the technology behind live dealers has stayed stagnant for quite some time, but now software designers are developing new applications to make the experience even more interactive. Using elements of social media mixed with some land-based staples, these new applications promise to take the impressive capability of live dealers one step further.

In land-based casinos, players are able to place bets on games taking place in the casino, without actually having a seat at a table. This notion has yet to be incorporated into online casino games, but operators are currently developing ways to make this possible in live dealer games. Also in the works is a waiting list application, in which players will be able to know when their favorite dealers are free – a ground-breaking development that is sure to change the live dealer market.


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