silent movie free slot by igt

Each month at least 20 new slot games from different software providers get released. Silent Movie is a brand-new free slot powered by world leading software  company called IGT. You press Spin button and the next thing you see is a vintage cinema hall where the stars of silent films rehearse scenes from Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, A Trip to the Moon, A Muddy Romance, and Keystone Kops. Who won't play after such introduction!

Four Silent Bonus Games

As you might have understood, Silent Movie slot has at least 4 different Bonus Games. Each bonus game equals to a particular silent movie. "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" bonus game award players from 3 to 6 spins with 3x multiplier. Match three or more "A Trip to the Moon" bonus symbols and get up to 15 Free Spins. "A Muddy Romance" bonus game awards up to 12 Free Spins. And finally, one of the most interesting bonus game - "Keystone Kops" which has for you up to 10 Free Spins accompanied with 5x multipliers. 

Enjoy Vintage atmosphere

Get ready to plunge into old-fashioned, vintage atmosphere with top-notch silent movies stars. IGT never stops to astonish its players. Explore all winning opportunities, hit all possible multipliers and have a good time in the company of Silent Movie slot.

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